BBQ Essentials, such as the Thermapen Mk4, are featured here on this list!

Another year, another list of must-haves when working the grill. I’ve compiled another list of some of my favorite things I personally love using.


Camp Chef has stepped up and added WiFi.

I was fortunate to get my hands on one of these Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi grills and I have loved using it! Most pellet grills are using WiFi capabilities now and Camp Chef has joined the ranks. The WiFi controller has a nice color display and even a protective cover to keep it from getting scratched, rained on, breathed on wrong, etc. Not only can you control temps, but also the level of smoke flavor you impart, too. The ash can below the grill where the auger is makes for very quick cleaning without having to remove all the parts from inside the grill to get to it like you do with other pellet grills. The Camp Chef app is simple, yet very well done. Easy to control and monitor temps while away from the grill.

If you’re considering this grill, I highly recommend the version with the sidekick attachment. Having this burner attached to the grill opens up more cooking options, from simmering a pot of baked beans, to searing steaks, or even cooking pizzas with the artisan oven attachment.


Quick, accurate temperature readings with the Thermapen Mk4 are quite helpful.

Ever since I jumped headfirst into the world of barbecue, I learned quickly that a quick, accurate digital thermometer is a must. With super fast readings in only 2-3 seconds, I use the Thermapen Mk4 for EVERYTHING that I cook. Every. Single. Time. I swear by it and even though I’ve had my first one for over three years now, it still works like a charm. Haven’t even needed to change the batteries in it yet. I’ve become a fan boy of the Thermapen Mk4. I’ve been collecting other colors in the rainbow. Find your favorite color on the Thermoworks website!


The grill torch is my favorite way to light the coals. Because TORCH!

When I’m cooking with coals, my favorite way to get them lit is by using this grill torch from JJGeorge. Using it is simple: attach the torch to a small can of propane, turn the knob on the torch to crank up the gas, then press the ignite button and now you have fire! Coals light up quicker and who doesn’t love holding a stick that blows fire? Check it out on Amazon.


This knife is useful for slicing larger cuts of meat…and also useful for getting compliments!

Whenever I use this knife in my pictures and videos on social media, it grabs people’s attention. I think some lose focus on the meat and are mesmerized by the look of this Japanese super steel blade with 66 layers of folded steel, the rock-hollow divots, and curved blade near the tip. This sharp knife is technically known as the Shogun Series 10″ Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife, but I call it my little machete. I love using it for larger cuts, such as brisket, ham, turkey, or even for showing off while cutting steaks. Strong enough for cutting through cartilage and precise enough for trimming fat. Oh, and the handle forms to my hand so well. Wow your friends and family with one of your own!


These nitrile gloves come in handy when prepping and cooking food…and cleaning your grill

I have featured nitrile gloves in other BBQ Essentials lists before, but I’m constantly asked what type of gloves I’m using that it bears repeating. Nitrile gloves are great for handling food to prevent the spread of bacteria and you don’t have to wash your hands 12,000 times while prepping and cooking food (I may have exaggerated a little on the handwashing, but still). I prefer to use the nitrile gloves from Gloveworks HD.


This 26” long cutting board gave me plenty of room to cut a spatchcocked turkey

When prepping and slicing larger cuts of meat such as turkey or brisket, having a larger surface to prep and finish on is super convenient. Having grooves in the board to catch juices is important, too. There are many good cutting boards out there, but I have chosen this Camp Chef Professional Bamboo Cutting Board because of how deep the grooves are and the little pocket in one of the corners to hold even more excess juices. This board is HUGE, measuring at dimensions of 26.5 x 17.25 x 1.33. I have used this one for over a year and it has held up very well. This board is actually a perfect fit for this patio cart, too.


Well, you’re in luck! Check these other posts for more of my favorite tools in BBQ:

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